Direct Cremation: Lowest Cost Cremation

Direct Cremation is the lowest cost cremation available today and can be as low as $595. This option is for families who want something modest and are on a budget. Depending on where you are located it can also be called a “simple cremation”, “low cost cremation” or a “direct disposal funeral”. Although the crematory or funeral home arranges the cremation procedure, there is no viewing, funeral, or memorial service.

Direct Cremation Service: What is Included?

  • The crematory or funeral home will pick up the body from the place of death and deliver to the crematorium.
  • After the cremation, you can collect the remains or have them shipped.
  • The facility will take care of all the essential paperwork such as permits, death certificates, etc.

Direct Vs Normal Cremation: What You Do Not Get

The expensive elements of a regular cremation are excluded with a direct cremation:

  • There is no cost of a memorial service
  • An expensive casket is not required
  • There is no viewing
  • Embalming or cosmetic preparations are not necessary.
  • Unless you decide to bury the ashes, there is no plot, digging of the grave, or headstone marker.

Is Direct Cremation right for you?

One of the most expensive occasions in life will be paying for your own funeral or that of a loved one. Some people think if they do not provide a big expensive service, it is disrespectful to the departed. Causing a financial burden for their family would not be the last act a person would want to do in life.

Choosing a direct cremation can give you the freedom to grieve for your loved one. It will make one of the most sorrowful times in your life a little less stressful without making major decisions and expenditures. Direct cremation is the most cost effective cremation. There is no viewing… the decedent is removed from the place of death… brought directly to the crematory… and cremation is done.

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