Simple affordable cremations with compassion, respect, and dignity

Simple affordable cremations

Are you looking for an affordable cremation provider with licensed funeral directors that will lovingly take care of your loved one?  Handling the arrangements of a loved one is emotional and difficult. Let us Help. Please click HERE.

A-C-N is a network of local funeral homes and crematories throughout the United States that specialize in offering simple, low cost cremations and burials.  The Affordable Cremation Network believes that every family should be able to choose a cremation provider that is compassionate, respectful, dignified and affordable. A-C-N will personally see that the cremation is professionally handled by a crematory in your area of need.

Find a crematory

When your loved one passes away in another city or state, trying to find a reputable crematory or funeral home can be a daunting task. We can help you find an affordable low cost crematory that will treat your loved one with respect and dignity.

Chicago, IL….
I was so glad to find this site. It was very easy to find a crematory in the state where my uncle had passed.
…..John D.

New York, NY….
Cremation was the best solution for us and this site made it easy to find someone.
…..Jane E.

Los Angeles, CA…..
The funeral home that I found through ACN handled my grandfather’s funeral with compassion and respect. Thank you ACN.
…..James D..